Shareholder Benefits

The benefits of being a BBNC shareholder go beyond the quarterly dividends distributed (the first Friday of March, June, September and December each year) from the financial success of BBNC and its investment partners. Because we want all our shareholders to grow and thrive, we also provide:

  • Employment opportunities: BBNC upholds a shareholder hiring preference across all our companies
  • Employment resources and training opportunities through BBNC’s Shareholder Development Department
  • Internships and job shadowing opportunities
  • Elder’s distribution: Original shareholders who are at least 65 years old receive an additional $250 each quarter
  • Memorial Fund: Payments of $1,500 for shareholders and up to $750 for spouses or descendants are available to defray funeral expenses after they pass away
  • Access to higher education and vocational education scholarships and short-term vocational training funds through the Bristol Bay Foundation
  • Assistance with various applications, including BBNC shareholder forms, and connection to community resources
  • Discounts through various local businesses and partnerships
  • Promotion of shareholder-owned businesses through the BBNC Shareholder-Owned Business Directory


Number of BBNC shareholders


Number of businesses listed on BBNC’s Shareholder-Owned Business Directory website


Number of families assisted through BBNC’s Memorial Donation Fund in 2022


Percentage of BBNC shareholders living in Alaska