Sharing our
Native way
of life.

For most people, an afternoon at the airport before a flight often means long lines and a lot of waiting. Not for Brooks Lodge-bound visitors at Katmai Air in King Salmon, thanks to BBNC shareholder Teresa Capo. Capo is Katmailand’s official “Cultural Presenter.” Her job is to share her passion for Native Alaska culture and her in-depth knowledge of the Bristol Bay region—specifically plant life—with guests heading to Brooks Lodge. READ MORE

Native way
of life

From the day the Eskimo, Aleut, and the Athabascans began to connect, the Native people of the Bristol Bay region have lifted each other up, ensuring we all prosper and sustain our Native way of life. It’s a commitment our ancestors made long ago, and it’s one BBNC keeps to this day.

We’re devoted to the prosperity and wellbeing of our shareholders and believe that if we invest in our region and innovate throughout the BBNC family of companies, each of us is better off. We’re dedicated to responsible development, putting salmon—which has sustained our people for centuries and contributes to the economic health of Alaska—first. And we believe that understanding our heritage and culture unites us, connecting us with the long arc of history and instilling a sense of responsibility to generations yet to come.

In everything we do, BBNC stands out in front—committed to our shareholders, invested in the Bristol Bay region, and a more sustainable Alaska.

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  REGISTER BY MAY 15 TO QUALIFY FOR SPECIAL PRIZES! iPad mini (3) $500 (4) $250 (5)$100   BBNC is excited to announce the launch of the myBBNC…Read More


BBNC Shareholder Survey

BBNC recently mailed a survey to shareholders 18 and over. The short survey is intended to get current shareholder opinions on the proposed Pebble Mine project, as well as BBNC’s…Read More

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