Training Without Walls

The vibrancy of our future depends on the passion of skilled, experienced leaders who are committed to the advancement of the Native community. Established in 1994, BBNC’s Training Without Walls (TWOW) is a management and leadership development program aimed at developing and retaining leaders within our community of shareholders and their descendants. TWOW is a two-year program that includes two-day sessions held three times per year. One-on-one coaching, panel presentations, group discussions and case studies deliver a curriculum focused on these areas:

  • Building effective leadership
  • Developing strategic, conceptual, and real leadership
  • Training for board of director membership and team-leading
  • Managing time and stress
  • Managing professional and organizational change
  • Legal aspects of management
  • Presentation skills and persuasion
  • Leadership and negotiation strategies

In TWOW, you’ll build a professional network with other participants—as well as leaders from Bristol Bay and the Native community. You’ll gain leadership and management skills that will help you advance in your career and/or acquire board and council leadership positions. You’ll receive three college credits and professional educational experiences in the form of mentorship and coaching from experienced leaders.

We invite interested shareholders, spouses, and descendants to apply to TWOW if you meet these criteria:

  • You’re at least 25 years old
  • You hold a bachelor’s degree and five years of work experience or 10 years work experience with advancement
  • You’re currently employed
  • You’re in a management role or on a management track
  • You’re interested in and committed to the program

If you have any questions, please contact Casey Sifsof at (907) 265-7873 or email


Management Trainee Program

BBNC recently piloted the Management Trainee Program, which gives shareholders a path toward management positions within BBNC and its companies. Through this program, shareholder employees gain valuable on-the-job experience, mentoring, leadership training, and a personalized development plan that helps them move into a management position within the BBNC family of companies within one to two years.

For questions or inquiries about the Management Trainee Program, please contact Carol Wren at or (907) 278-3602.