Success through integrity

BBNC constantly strives to deliver outstanding services to our customers. Underlying this commitment is our corporate mission to enrich our Native way of life. Our success in the oilfields, government contracting and other industries enables BBNC to provide a host of benefits to our shareholders in the Bristol Bay region.

At BBNC, we’re proud of our reputation. And we’re committed to the idea that success and integrity go hand in hand. Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, available below, reveals a thoughtful set of standards, values, and expectations. It’s a valuable tool for anyone who works for or does business with BBNC.

BBNC’s corporate culture not only asks employees to understand and uphold our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, but also encourages them to share with managers, human resources staff members, and the BBNC Legal Department any questions or concerns that may arise related to workplace conduct. Other ways to help us fulfill our commitment to integrity are to call BBNC’s corporate-wide reporting hotline, anytime of day or night, at 1-866-513-7078, or visit to anonymously report ethical concerns.

The commitment of our workforce to our ethical standards is vital to our ongoing success—and to enriching our Native way of life well into the future.

Click here to access BBNC’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.