Serving Our Shareholders

Purpose and Profits
Our approach is driven not only by profits but meaningful opportunities for our shareholders such as job training, cultural programs, and small business development. BBNC’s Independent Investment Partners and BBNC backed companies share in this purpose. In short, we all work together to create a richer future for all our communities.

Share in each other’s success while protecting our region.

BBNC’s mission is to enrich our Native way of life—and the health of the Bristol Bay region is paramount to that mission. BBNC’s Independent Investment Partners manage a diverse range of companies that rely on the health of our region, and this collective commitment. This diversity, innovation, and shared vision across industries continues to ensure the health of BBNC’s investments and the future protection of the Bristol Bay region.

A unique approach.
More than a typical corporation, or even Alaska Native corporation, the success of our approach is driven by our Native values and consistent focus on our shared purpose.


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