Each year at BBNC’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders, the BBNC Board of Directors recognizes shareholders that have shown commitment to promoting the economic and social well-being of Alaska Natives, shown active political involvement in either city/village, region, or state, and/or made other contributions benefitting the overall lifestyles of the Bristol Bay people.

The following criteria is used to nominate an Elder, citizen, student and/or shareholder-owned business that are deserving of these most prestigious honors.

BBNC Elder of the Year Award recognizes a shareholder 65 years or older who has devoted his or her life toward the betterment of Alaska Natives, promoted pride and preservation in the cultural heritage of Alaska Natives, and preserved the customs, folklore, and traditional arts of Alaska Natives.

BBNC Citizen of the Year Award recognizes a person who has demonstrated leadership, made significant contributions in the Bristol Bay region, and has shown strong commitment, competence, and sensitivity for the educational needs and cultural survival of Alaska Natives.

Marie Paul Student of the Year Award recognizes a student who has demonstrated leadership, made a significant contribution to their community, and has maintained high standards of academic achievement.

BBNC Small Business of the Year Award recognizes and celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of a shareholder-owned business who has demonstrated success, innovation and commitment to their community.


Elder of the Year: Evan Wonhola, New Stuyahok, AK
Citizen of the Year: Tiffany Webb, Dillingham, AK
Marie Paul Student of the Year: Montana Murphy, Anchorage, AK
Marie Paul Student of the Year: Analise Kosbruk, Perryville, AK
Small Business of the Year: Sherry’s Cuts & Curls owned by Sherry Christensen, Dillingham, AK


Elder of the Year: Willie Wassillie, Togiak, AK
Citizen of the Year: Thomas Tilden, Dillingham, AK
Student of the Year: Makena Thompson, Anchorage, AK
Small Business of the Year: Forget Me Knots owned by Marie Tinker, Wasilla, AK


Elder of the Year: Paul Boskoffsky, Naknek, AK
Citizen of the Year: Carvel Zimin Jr., Naknek, AK
Student of the Year: Tiera Schroeder, Dillingham, AK
Small Business of the Year: Little Alaskan Fish Co. owned by Tiffany Bennett and Conor Downey, Dillingham, AK


Elder of the Year: Fanny Parker, Togiak, AK
Citizen of the Year: Crystal Nixon-Luckhurst, Dillingham, AK
Student of the Year: Christina McDonogh, Anchorage, AK
Small Business of the Year: Nick’s Legacy owned by Wassillie and Sally Gumlickpuk, Dillingham, AK


Elder of the Year: Ralph Andersen, Dillingham, AK
Citizen of the Year: Amber Webb, Anchorage, AK
Student of the Year: Nancy Mills, Chignik Lagoon, AK


Elder of the Year: Sophie Ann Woods, Dillingham, AK
Citizen of the Year: Teresa Capo, Egegik, AK
Student of the Year: Lorrene Chiklak, Dillingham, AK


Elder of the Year: Andrew Nelson Sr., Egegik, AK
Citizen of the Year: Heather Kendall-Miller, Dillingham, AK
Student of the Year: Rachelle Griffitts, Anchorage, AK


Elder of the Year: Carl Jensen, Pedro Bay, AK
Citizen of the Year: Thomas Akelkok, Ekwok, AK
Student of the Year: Joshua Gumlickpuk, New Stuyahok, AK


Elder of the Year: James “Billy” Brandon, Dillingham, AK
Citizen of the Year: Nancy Gamechuk Sharp, Manokotak, AK
Student of the Year: Megan Aspelund, Naknek, AK


Elder of the Year: Pete Abraham, Togiak, AK
Citizen of the Year: Fawn Silas, Nondalton, AK
Student of the Year: Karen Evanoff, Nondalton, AK


Elder of the Year: Bella Hammond, Lake Clark, AK
Citizen of the Year: Apayo Moore, Dillingham, AK
Student of the Year: Donna Fischer, Anchorage, AK


Elder of the Year: Steve “Butch” Hobson Sr., Nondalton, AK
Citizen of the Year: Herman Nelson Sr., Koliganek, AK
Student of the Year: Casey Shade, Anchorage, AK


Elder of the Year: Hjalmar “Ofi” E. Olson, Dillingham, AK
Citizen of the Year: Wassillie W. Gust, New Stuyahok, AK
Student of the Year: Bessie N. Binkowski, Anchorage, AK


Elder of the Year: Matrona Javier, Dillingham, AK
Citizen of the Year: Luki Akelkok Sr., Ekwok, AK
Student of the Year: Jennifer R. Montgomery, Anchorage, AK


Elder of the Year: Nick Abalama Sr., Wasilla/Ugashik, AK
Citizen of the Year: John Nelson Jr., Kokhanok, AK
Student of the Year: Adrian Furman, Wasilla, AK


Elder of the Year: Nick Gumlickpuk, New Stuyahok, AK
Citizen of the Year: Barbara Riley Asher, Dillingham, AK
Student of the Year: Cassandra (Casey) Jones, Anchorage, AK


Elder of the Year: Esther Conquest, Aleknagik, AK
Citizen of the Year: Frank W. Hill, Homer, AK
Student of the Year: Anya R. Furman, Wasilla, AK


Elder of the Year: Jack Gosuk, Togiak, AK
Citizen of the Year: Andrew Golia, Dillingham, AK
Student of the Year: Kelly Wood, Smithton, IL


Elder of the Year: Harry Barnes Sr., Dillingham, AK
Citizen of the Year: Margie Hastings, New Stuyahok, AK
Student of the Year: Michelle Parker, Anchorage, AK


Elder of the Year: Harry Barnes Sr., Anchorage, AK
Citizen of the Year: William Tennyson Sr., Dillingham, AK
Student of the Year: Elaine C. Brown, Anchorage, AK


Elder of the Year: Peter Lind Sr., Homer, AK
Citizen of the Year: Raymond Heyano, South Naknek, AK
Student of the Year: Evelyn P. Mujica, Anchorage, AK


Elder of the Year: Amelia Olson, Dillingham, AK
Citizen of the Year: Wassiliisia “Dee Dee” Bennis, Dillingham, AK
Student of the Year: Gina M. Pope, Dillingham, AK


Elder of the Year: Anuska Nanalook, Manokotak, AK
Citizen of the Year: Herbert Lockuk Sr., Togiak, AK
Student of the Year: Shelby Aaberg, Anchorage, AK


Elder of the Year: Helena Andree, Homer, AK
Citizen of the Year: Wassily Hanson Sr., New Stuyahok, AK
Student of the Year: Alexis Bunten, Seattle, WA


Elder of the Year: Nickoli Harry Balluta, Nondalton, AK
Citizen of the Year: Teddy Coopchiak Jr., Togiak, AK