Infrastructure and Energy Projects

We are committed to improving life for residents of Bristol Bay by supporting projects that strengthen local infrastructure and make energy more affordable.

  • Interties – BBNC supports studies to assess potential development of road and energy interties that might benefit communities in terms of energy, health, safety, and transportation.
  • Transportation Infrastructure – Whether for roads, airports, or ports, BBNC can support regional infrastructure improvements by providing in-kind engineering, project management, community outreach, rock and gravel, site control, and/or letters of support.
  • Energy – BBNC can assist traditional and renewable energy projects through land sales, easement donations, technical support and GIS mapping, and more.
  • Responsible Resource Development – All of our activities adhere to BBNC policies for Responsible Resource Development, including our “Fish First” value.
Before Bristol Bay Cover

Before Bristol Bay

The Before Bristol Bay storybook gives readers an understanding of what original Native place names did, how they were lost, and why it’s important to preserve and use them. Illustrated with beautiful pictures of the Bristol Bay region, the storybook details how the Native place names of the Bristol Bay region were replaced by Russian and English names and how BBNC and others are working to bring back and preserve the original Alutiiq, Dena’ina and Yup’ik place names in the region.

Before Bristol Bay Book

Commercial Land Use Permits

While BBNC shareholders are permitted to access our lands, non-shareholders must request access through use permits. If you are planning a trip to the Bristol Bay, your guide or lodge may have already purchased a long-term use permit—we recommend you check with them. If you’re not accessing lands through a permitted guide or lodge, get information about permits for hunting near Ivanof Bay and fishing the Nushagak.