Corporate Giving

As an Alaska Native Corporation, our first priority is to our shareholders. It shows in our corporate values as well as in our philanthropic activities. Through a robust corporate giving program, we’re proud to contribute to the vitality of the communities in which our shareholders live.

BBNC’s corporate giving practices arise from our deeply held commitments to provide benefits to our shareholders and enrich our Native way of life. In an effort to maximize BBNC’s positive impact in the community, we’ve defined funding priorities that guide our giving across three areas:

  • Arts and Culture: BBNC supports programs that celebrate, preserve and protect Alaska Native art forms and cultural traditions.
  • Health and Social Services: We fund programs and services that improve the welfare of our shareholders and their families.
  • Education, Employment, and Training: BBNC supports events and programs that offer employment, educational and training opportunities for shareholders and their descendants.

In addition, BBNC provides sponsorship for events and activities that fall under these categories in an effort to elevate our brand in the community.

BBNC does not provide funding to individuals, pageants, or organizations that discriminate based on race, creed, color, sex, or nationality. We do not provide team sponsorships. And because BBNC receives such a large number of requests each year, we regret that we cannot fund every request.

In an effort to better measure the impact of our corporate giving on shareholders and their communities, BBNC recently adopted new corporate giving guidelines and processes. Submit a request online or download BBNC’s corporate giving guidelines and request form below.

Related Resources

Contribution Guidelines

If your organization is seeking donations or contributions from BBNC, please read the Contribution Guidelines prior to completing a Contribution Request form. If you have questions, contact BBNC’s Shareholder & Corporate Relations Department at (907) 278-3602.

Download PDF

Contribution Request

BBNC provides donations and contributions to a number of organizations throughout the year that provide benefits or impacts BBNC shareholders and descendants. Complete this form if you are seeking a contribution or donation from BBNC, and refer to BBNC contribution guidelines for more information.

Download PDF