Apply for BBNC’s Administration Training Program

BBNC is accepting shareholder applications to participate in the BBNC Office Administration Training Program. The program is a one-year, 240-hour training with both face to face and distance-delivery instruction. The program will begin in February 2018. Click here to view the full program details and to apply online here.

2017 Annual Meeting Prize Winners

Early Bird Prize Winners Mary Jean Ivy Joel J. Alsworth Lynette Patterson Alexander Boykin Ida Trefon Melody Shangin Fritz Tommy Albert Savo Paula Hausotter Elia Epchook Gladys Poole Baird Togiak John Ivy Online Voting Prize Winners Chester Murphy Anthony V. Kohler Nadine Lind Earlena Active Charlotte Kapatak Ruth Nashookpuk Georgina Allen Elizabeth Hostetter Annual Meeting…Read More

Short-Term Vocational Education Scholarship Program

BBNCEF accepts applications for the Short-term Vocational Education Program (STVE) throughout the year. STVE scholarships up to a maximum of $1,000 are awarded to eligible shareholders for short-term vocational/certification training programs. To be eligible for this funding, you must be a BBNC shareholder enrolled in a short-term training program that enhances your opportunities for employment…Read More

Grantee Spotlight

In 2016, BBNC Education Foundation began providing funds to promote, preserve and celebrate Alaska Native cultural heritage. At the Manokotak Nunaniq School, instructor Alfred Gosuk of Togiak worked with 13 middle and high school students to make traditional Yup’ik uluaq. Alfred created an independent environment where students made their own uluaq with his careful guidance….Read More

Rachel Tilden: From BBI to Peace Corps Volunteer

Motivated by a passion for service, Rachel Tilden, an intern for the BBI HR department this summer, is fulfilling her dream of making a difference by joining the Peace Corps. An interest that began in high school, her assignment will take her to Fiji for 27 months to work as a teacher’s assistant while completing…Read More

Aerostar SES Leading the Way on Identification of Emerging Contaminants

Aerostar SES is investigating a group of compounds that resist heat, water and oil. These synthetic compounds—known as PFAS—are used in hundreds of industrial and consumer products including non-stick cookware, food packaging, waterproof clothing, fabric stain protectors, lubricants, paints, and firefighting foams such as aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF). PFAS compounds are persistent, resist degradation, and…Read More

Kakivik expands Rope Access Services across the globe

Kakivik is proud to announce the expansion of its Rope Access Program to include 11 Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) Level 3 supervisors. Adam Wood and Craig McCallum, both of whom are new to the organization, will lead the program. Rope Access is a method used to provide a safe, cost effective, and efficient…Read More