Employment Support Program

The Employment Support Program provides funding for work supplies, gear, and fees. Shareholders need to be successful in attaining and maintaining a job—such as licensing, certification fees and North Slope winter gear.


For questions or inquiries, please contact Buchi Lind at blind@bbnc.net or (907) 278-3602.

Short-Term Training Support

The Short-Term Training Support Program provides funding for short-term training that will enhance employment and advancement opportunities for shareholders.

For questions or inquiries, please contact Martha Anelon at manelon@bbnc.net or (907) 278-3602.

Alyeska Funding

In 1974, Alyeska made a commitment to the Alaska Native community that paved the way for construction of the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS). The Alaska Native Utilization Agreement (ANUA), as defined in Section 29 of the Federal Agreement and Grant of Right-of-Way, affords Alaska Natives recruitment, testing, training, placement, employment and job counseling opportunities on TAPS. Alyeska and its contractors would provide economic opportunities to Alaska’s indigenous people. Alyeska upholds this commitment with continual emphasis on educational scholarships, internships, jobs and professional development opportunities for Alaska Natives. As part of fulfilling ANUA, Alyeska awards annual scholarship funding to Alaska Natives through partnering with various statewide organizations for educational and internship programs, specifically for students pursuing higher education.

The goal of this strategically focused funding is to provide partial monetary support to Alaska Natives for education, training, and internships that are needed in preparation for careers and advancement opportunities. These awards are intended to increase the pool of qualified Alaska Native applicants in specific industry-related career fields that could lead to future employment opportunities on Trans Alaska Pipeline System or other jobs in the oil industry.

For questions or inquiries, please contact Casey Sifsof at csifsof@bbnc.net or (907) 278-3602.