Pebble Mine

BBNC – doing our part to protect the sustainable natural resources of our region.

BBNC opposes the proposed Pebble mine. Our position is grounded in BBNC’s “Fish First” value, our corporate commitment to protect the fish that have sustained our culture for thousands of years, and the economic foundation of the Bristol Bay region—the commercial and sport fisheries—for the last hundred years.

BBNC does not otherwise oppose mining development. Pebble Mine is simply different. In any configuration, the mine is too big and will be located in too important of a location. It poses unacceptable risks to the salmon resource and, consequently, the subsistence lifestyle and economic interests of our shareholders.

– Jason Metrokin, President & CEO, BBNC

BBNC’s opposition to Pebble reflects our Board’s determination that the proposed mine, in any economically feasible configuration, would have irreversible detrimental impacts on the waters, fisheries, wildlife, people, lifestyle and fishing-based economy of the region. BBNC’s opposition also reflects the opinions of our shareholders. Through polling and ongoing discussions with our shareholders, it is apparent that a substantial majority are opposed to Pebble’s development.

 “In order to best protect the land of Bristol Bay and the way of life for current and future generations of BBNC shareholders, BBNC must do its part to protect the sustainable natural resources of our region. Development of the Pebble Mine would threaten the Bristol Bay fishery and the world-class salmon run which has served as the heart of our subsistence lifestyle, supporting our people for generations. BBNC’s firm opposition to Pebble is consistent with the values of cultural and economic sustainability to which we hold ourselves.

– Joseph L. Chythlook, Chairman of the Board, BBNC

As an advocate for our shareholders, BBNC remains engaged in the ongoing national discussion about whether Pebble should be built, and should the mine’s developers decide to begin the permitting process, BBNC will be fully engaged there too. It’s another way for us to carry out the corporation’s mission and values—and continue to pursue responsible development opportunities in the land that nurtures us – a place that’s always been.


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