The natural beauty and abundant resources of Bristol Bay inspire and nourish those who live and work here.

Bristol Bay is well-known for clear, winding rivers, lakes, and dramatic panoramas of tundra against mountain backdrops. The pristine landscape supports an astonishing diversity of wildlife: from marine mammals and fish to land mammals and birds.

Imagine living in a land where brown bear outnumber residents, where most travel is on river or by air because there are only 200 miles of roads, and where 45-65 million sockeye salmon return annually in a tradition going back thousands of years.

Salmon is a treasured resource at the heart of Bristol Bay’s culture and economy, which is supported by subsistence, sport and commercial fishing. The nine river systems flowing into Bristol Bay sustain tens of millions of salmon across all five species—king, sockeye, pink, silver, and chum.

Our heritage is one of the last salmon-based cultures on earth is deeply connected to Bristol Bay’s land and waters. Reverence for the land within Bristol Bay guides BBNC’s policies and operations. Every acre commands our respect—and deserves our prudent management.

More about the Land and Resources of the Bristol Bay Region

  • The Bristol Bay region encompasses more than 27.5 million acres of land and 12.5 million acres of marine water.
  • Bristol Bay is home to 7,400+ residents, many of whom maintain the subsistence lifestyles of their Yup’ik, Alutiiq, and Dena’ina ancestors.
  • Eleven specific areas are designated as state or federal parks and refuges. This represents 37,763 total square miles.
  • Topographical features of Bristol Bay range from black sand beaches and lowland tundra to the volcanoes, mountains, and the 77-mile long Iliamna Lake (third largest lake in the U.S.).
  • In addition to salmon, the harvest of caribou, moose, sea mammals, beaver, porcupine, fox, and waterfowl support the subsistence, commercial, and sport activities of our communities.
  • The Bristol Bay region contains mineral and rock deposits, including copper, gold, silver, coal, armor rock and gravel.


Left to right: Daniel Cheyette, Francisca Demoski, Russell Phelps, and Mischa Ellanna.

For any questions related to BBNC’s land management, contact its Land Department at (907) 278-3602 or (800) 426-3602.