The BBNC Nominating and Governance Committee (Michelle Ravenmoon, Joseph L. Chythlook, H. Robin Samuelsen Jr., and L. Tiel Smith) reviewed all complete BBNC Board of Director applications, conducted interviews, and made recommendations for four seats to the full board.

Each year, four positions on the BBNC Board of Directors are up for election. This year, 19 BBNC shareholders submitted complete applications. The BBNC Board selected the following shareholders for the board slate of candidates: Peter Andrew Jr., Kimberly Johnson, Gerda Kosbruk, and Hazel Nelson.

Shareholders seeking a position on the BBNC Board may have their name listed on the printed ballot to be voted at the annual meeting if they submit their name by Wednesday, September 25, 2024, to Executive Vice President and General Counsel Ethan Schutt by calling (800) 426-3602.


Annual Meeting