Coronavirus Facts & Resources

There is a lot of information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) floating around social media and elsewhere. Be sure you’re getting your information from reliable sources. We’ve linked trusted sources here.

Download the CDC’s Coronavirus Fact Sheet.

Learn more about the symptoms and how to protect yourself on the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention website.

Download helpful flyers and informational sheets from the CDC to use in your community: Communication Resources

Learn more about COVID-19 on the World Health Organization website.

Learn how you can better prepare your health for emergencies on CDC’s Prepare Your Health for Emergencies webpage.

Learn how you can plan, prepare, and cope with stress before and during a COVID-19 outbreak on CDC’s Resources for Daily Life and Coping website.

Have a question about COVID-19? Check out the CDC’s Frequently Asked Questions web page.

Read more from the CDC on how Coronavirus spreads from person to person online here: About Coronavirus Disease 2019.