U.S. Bank Focus Card Replacing Wells Fargo Prepaid Card

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The Wells Fargo Prepaid Card has been discontinued and automatically replaced with the U.S. Bank Focus Card if shareholders did not fill out a void prepaid card form or sign up for direct deposit by May 15, 2019. The next distribution will be paid to the Focus Card on June 7, 2019. U.S. Bank has mailed shareholders with the Wells Fargo Prepaid Card a letter explaining the details of the new card program. The card packet will contain your new card, instructions for activation, usage guide, cardholder agreement and a complete fee schedule.

Important dates and information to remember:

  • You will receive your Focus Card in the mail beginning the week of May 27th. The card will arrive in a plain, white envelope with a return address from Indianapolis, IN.
  • You must choose a new Personal Identification Number (PIN) when you activate your new card. Your existing Wells Fargo prepaid card PIN will not work with your focus card.
  • All distribution payments made after or on June 7, 2019 will automatically be deposited to your Focus Card. You will no longer receive distributions to your Wells Fargo Prepaid Card.
  • Any balance remaining on your Wells Fargo Prepaid Card will not transfer to the Focus Card.
  • If Wells Fargo Prepaid card funds are not used by August 12, 2019, checks for remaining balances will be issued from Wells Fargo to all cardholders.


If you have questions, or need additional information, please contact the Shareholder & Corporate Relations Department at (907) 278-3602.