Togiak Tuya Geothermal Exploration and Field Study Report

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The BBNC Land Department recently released a final Field Study Report for the Togiak Tuya geological formation near the community of Twin Hills. The purpose of the study was to identify potential geothermal energy sources that deserved further investigation. The term “Tuya” refers to an under glacier flow of a basaltic lava eruption. The project, which was funded by a Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Energy and Mineral Development Program (EMDP) grant, included an aerial drone survey using infrared cameras and field geochemical sampling of rock and water samples looking for the evidence of geothermal heat alterations. Unfortunately, the study did not find any significant signs of geothermal heat meaning a developable commercial energy source is unlikely to be present. Alaska Earth Sciences, Inc., a geologic consulting firm based in Anchorage that has done a considerable amount of work in the Bristol Bay region, executed the field work. A link to the Field Study Report is available on the BBNC website at on the “Land Projects” page under the “Land” tab.