STVE Scholarship Awardees August To Mid-October 2016

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Forty STVE applications were awarded August through mid-October 2016. The STVE scholarships helped shareholders access the following types of training: Small Engine Repair, Smoked Seafood School, Private Pilot School, Hazwoper, Asbestos Abatement, 25/50/100 Ton Master’s Training, Culinary Arts, Medical Assistant, Intermediate Athabaskan, Licensed Cosmetology, Structural Welding, RSW Marine Refrigeration, First Aid/CPR, and NSTC.

Congratulations to Adrian Gloko, Lucy Andrews, Katelyn Whitcomb, Demitri Gust, Ashley Rothacher, Brenton Byayuk, Gina Pope, Christie Nelson, Shane Judge, Jeremy Matson, Christopher Apokedak, Sam Wassillie, Baretta Trefon, Martin Ayojiak Jr., Keilyn Carlos, Adrianne Christensen, Mitchell Chythlook, Diane Abraham, William Ilutsik, Beverly Cano, Debbie Hoseth, Byron Paul, Shawn Fortune, Elena Lockuk, Michelle Reakoff, Jonana Orloff, Peter Anderson, George Orloff, Gordon Shangin Jr., John Kruschke Jr., Tiara Turner, Brandon Ilutsik, Nicholas Chocknok, Mike Nicholas, Isaiah Mike, Dean Davis, Randolph Zimin, Derel Berry, Johnny Lind and Rita Blair – all were awarded short-term vocational education scholarships this fall. Best wishes and good luck in your future endeavors!