Students Celebrate Culture in Manokotak

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More than 26 students from Manokotak Nunaniq School worked with elders and community leaders to learn more about their ancestors and their unique cultural history. The event last summer was made possible by a BBNCEF cultural heritage grant that allowed students to make traditional headdresses and dance fans.

“I saw the difference in our students,” said Louise Gloko, Yup’ik studies instructor with the Manokotak Nunaniq School. “As their teacher, I was particularly impressed to see all the beautiful art work they had worked hard on. Quyana cakneq!”

The instructors said one of the most exciting aspects of the week was watching the students’ interest and determination grow each day for these special projects.

“I saw the difference in our students, there was respect and admiration within each class that participated,” said Gloko.

Interested in applying for a cultural heritage grant award? Applications and information can be found at Grant proposals are received year-round and reviewed on a quarterly basis. We encourage you to plan ahead by 3-6 months when you are working on a proposal and allow 6-8 weeks for review. Contact BBNCEF Program Officer, Ricardo Lopez, at (907) 265-7852 or