Short-Term Vocational Education (STVE) Scholarship Program

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The BBNCEF accepts applications for the Short-term Vocational Education (STVE) program throughout the year, pending available funds. Scholarship awards are based on eligibility criteria and budget approved by the BBNCEF Board. Scholarships may be up to a maximum of $1,000 for short-term vocational training programs. To be eligible for this scholarship funding, you must be a BBNC shareholder enrolled in a short-term training program that enhances your opportunities for employment or promotion. Awards must be used (i.e. training completed and award disbursed) within three months of the award date. Recipients who do not honor STVE award conditions during the awarded training period may be subject to a probationary period and not be eligible to receive STVE funding for one year. After the probationary period ends, the student will be eligible to again apply for STVE funding.

For an application, Visit Education Foundation For Students. Applications may also be requested by contacting BBNEF at (907) 278-3602.