Short-Term Vocational Education Scholarship Program

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BBNCEF makes awards for the Short-term Vocational Education Program (STVE) throughout the year. Please help us recognize the awardees from January to mid of May 2019:

Holly Adams, Carl Balluta, Kenneth Blunka, Cody Brandal, Crystal Bruan, Corey Bunnell, Annette Caruso, Adrianne Christensen, Wade Church, Xytellarayanna Freeman, Joshua Frost, Michael Frost, Kristen George, Kelvin Goode, Sara Grindle, Kenneth Gross, Alec Halford, Triston Hansen, Kiana Hendricks, Kassandra Hendricks, Kevin Hobson, Lisa Hodgson, Charity Irmen, Daniel Johansen, Juliana John, Bert Johnson, Jerry Kalmakoff, Joel Kosbruk, Cheryl Kriska, Christian Lind, Cassondra Marquez, Che Matus, Ida Nelson, Kyle Nelson, Andrew Nelson Jr., Christopher Olivera, Vera Pinchem, Ingrid Ramos-Ansaknok, Amanda Sagmoen, Vivian Shade, Dennis Shangin, Kathleen Shoop, Caleb Smith, Randy Standifer, Thomas Tinker, Mike Trefry, Michelle Waskey, Sheryl Wassillie, Gusty Wassillie, Amber Webb, Chadwick Wikheim, George Woods, Tatyana Zackar, and Mary Zackar.

Are you considering an application? STVE scholarships award up to $1,000 to shareholders for short-term vocational/certification training programs that enhances opportunities for employment or promotion. For complete program eligibility requirements and an application, visit Applications may also be requested by mail by contacting the Foundation at (907) 278-3602.