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Void Direct Deposit

If you would like to cancel the direct deposit of your distribution and instead receive a paper check in the mail, you need to complete this form and submit it to BBNC Shareholder Records at least 14 days in advance of any distribution payment.

Gift of Stock

If a shareholder would like to give shares to their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or if over 18 years of age or older, to sisters or brothers, they must complete the Gift of Stock form. For more information about gifting shares, please view the Gifting Information document.

Gift of Shares Information

If you are interested in gifting shares, review the Gift of Shares Information document to find out who can receive stock and what you need to do to get the process started.

Stock Will

All shareholders should have a Stock Will on file with BBNC. Remember to updated your Stock Will when changes in your life occur (marriage, birth of a child, etc.). Shareholders who have submitted a Stock Will to BBNC within the last five years are eligible for quarterly cash prizes.

Custodian Consent

Shareholders under the age of 18 must have a custodian for purposes of stock issuance, Section 7(j) rights, and distribution payments. Custodians are also responsible for participating in BBNC’s annual meeting process on behalf of the minor they are custodian for.

Shareholder Development Brochure

BBNC Shareholder Development provides an array of services to promote employment and education opportunities for BBNC shareholders, shareholder spouses and descendants. Learn more about shareholder development services with this brochure.

Training Without Walls Brochure

Training Without Walls is BBNC’s management and leadership training program available to shareholders and descendants. Learn more about the TWOW program with this brochure.

Resume Worksheet

BBNC’s Shareholder Development Department is available to assist shareholders, descendants and spouses with developing their resumes. Contact Shareholder Development at (907) 278-3602 for any questions about the worksheet.

Contribution Guidelines

If your organization is seeking donations or contributions from BBNC, please read the Contribution Guidelines prior to completing a Contribution Request form. If you have questions, contact BBNC’s Shareholder & Corporate Relations Department at (907) 278-3602.