Cultural Wellness Check

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In February 2020, the BBNCEF Board of Directors requested that staff conduct a needs assessment to guide the development of a ten-year strategic plan for the Cultural Heritage portfolio. The needs assessment, also called Cultural Wellness Check, included key informant interviews of key Bristol Bay cultural leaders that focused on language, traditional arts and crafts, subsistence activities, local knowledge, traditional medicine, and historical and archaeological items. The Education Foundation conducted 56 key informant interviews on cultural heritage in Bristol Bay; with 87% of the Tribes in Bristol Bay provide key informant interviews.

BBNCEF recognizes that the Bristol Bay region shares strong cultural ties, values, and history. We also recognize that people experience and identify culture in different ways. This report is a snapshot at this place in time and provides an overview of the information we gathered from individuals and does not necessarily reflect how each shareholder views their culture and opportunities to learn and practice it. With that we hope that you enjoy this report and are able to use it as a tool to help secure funding and program development.