Safety Milestones Reached for PetroCard and CCI Industrial Services

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PetroCard and CCI Industrial Services have recently reached significant safety milestones. PetroCard hit the one year mark without a workplace injury this past September and CCI Industrial Services’ Tanks, Blasting, and Coating (TBC) group completed three years without a recordable incident in October.

PetroCard has improved their performance significantly from last year, due in part to a change in leadership and a culture shift that has brought awareness to the forefront of everything they do – from cardlocks and mobile fleet fueling operations to ergonomics in the office. “It takes everyone working together in order to achieve this injury-free status,” said Bobby Bond, PetroCard’s health, safety, security, and quality manager. Other changes include weekly management safety meetings, an employee-led safety committee, and a refresh of existing safety policies and procedures. “With these new changes and a safety culture built upon each and every employee’s commitment to looking after themselves and each other, I envision more great years ahead,” said Bond.

To achieve CCI Industrial Services’ three-year milestone, the TBC group completed more than 275,000 man-hours and performed more than 2,500 proactive safety observations while performing abrasive blasting work for BP throughout Prudhoe Bay. To put that into perspective, that means 69 observations were performed every month for 36 consecutive months.

The key to their performance lies within the observation program. A strong program includes an open work environment where employees feel comfortable bringing up issues they notice, before an accident occurs. They also provide an opportunity to identify areas that may be plaguing an organization, such as equipment or environmental issues. But mostly, when used liberally, observations demonstrate a strong, proactive safety culture at every level within the organization.

“Going three years recordable-free during challenging industry times, large work ramp-ups, and ramp-downs is a testament to the group’s commitment to safety, work ethic, teamwork, and leadership,” said CCI Industrial Services President Bob Eubank.