Recent Changes Breathes New Life Into BAF

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December was a busy month for the Dillingham tank farm and convenience store. The tank farm rolled out a $55 credit to new and existing customers, 65 and older, in celebration of the incorporation of the City of Dillingham – 55 years ago. In all, 83 elderly shareholders received credit for a grand total of more than $4,500.

Concurrently, the Bristol Express overhauled its pricing storewide to better align with local competitor pricing on similar products. “We heard the feedback from the community that our prices were too high on all of our products and it was driving our customers away. That needed to change,” said Joe LoSciuto, BAF general manager, who took over the day-to-day operations of BAF late last year.

In addition to new pricing, the store will also offer fresh, hot soup daily and run periodic specials on drinks, including $1.00 coffee for seniors 65+ and a 10 percent discount on all drinks for emergency responders and military members. The company has also launched a social media campaign to further engage its customer base. “Our goal is to be a better partner within the Dillingham community. Not to just be a seller of goods and services, but to truly be a partner that is engaged and connected through service to others,” said LoSciuto.

Part of that mission, so far, has included visits and donations for bingo at the local senior center, a special appearance from Santa Joe at the convenience store, and a meet and greet with the Dillingham High School Wrestling Team during their tournament in Anchorage.