Rachel Tilden: From BBI to Peace Corps Volunteer

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Rachel Tilden, BBI HR Intern

Motivated by a passion for service, Rachel Tilden, an intern for the BBI HR department this summer, is fulfilling her dream of making a difference by joining the Peace Corps. An interest that began in high school, her assignment will take her to Fiji for 27 months to work as a teacher’s assistant while completing much needed side projects in the community.

The road to Fiji has been a lesson on commitment and staying the course. After graduating from UAA with a B.A. in psychology in May 2016, Rachel was undecided on her next steps. Certain that she would continue her education, but unsure what area of psychology to specialize in, Rachel started looking at the Peace Corps. “Most opportunities require you to have a four year degree,” said Rachel. “Knowing I had that checked off, I sent in my application last November which got the ball rolling. The list of things that needed to be done before I was cleared to travel was impressive, but necessary,” she said.

Rachel’s last day with BBI was August 11. She will be deployed to the island where she’ll complete a mandatory three month training. “I have mixed emotions right now,” said Rachel. “I’m excited and a little nervous about being away from home for so long, but I know it will be worth it and it will be an incredible experience. Plus it will give me the opportunity to explore what I want to do with my degree and how best I can help people in the future.” BBI is proud of this extraordinary young woman and we wish her the best as she begins her adventure in the South Pacific.