Quyana Corner, Winter 2016

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As we look forward to 2017 spring HE/VE scholarship award disbursements, we are thankful to all of you who participated in the Education Foundation raffle fundraiser, Quyurrluteng event, and also to the individual donations made to the Foundation. Your generous gifts make it possible for BBNC shareholder students to reach and attain their education and training goals.

In their words,

“Thank you so much for the scholarship you have given to me… this is a huge help in my academic career, thank you again for believing in me.”

“Thank you so much for your continuous support as I continue my education, I cannot thank you enough.”

“With the help of this scholarship I am able to focus on my dream of earning a BA Degree… I appreciate all the help… it’s taken an extreme burden of stress off of my shoulders.” “I love the class and appreciate BBNC for making it possible to attend. I would not have been able to afford the class, and would not have even asked my supervisor for the time needed off work to attend if it were not for BBNC.”

GOLD LEVEL ($4,000 and above)

IVORY LEVEL ($2,000–$2,999)

JADE SALMON LEVEL ($1,000–$1,999)

  • Melvin & Jilda Monsen
  • Richard & Laurel Baird
  • (In memory of Nellie Lena Anderson)


  • Mark Parsons, Debi McLean & Russell Nelson (In Memory of Sheldon M. Nelson)
  • Kay Thomas (In Memory of Trudy Ward)


  • Tami Aspelund
  • Russell Phelps
  • Rachelle Griffitts
  • Chelsea Jensen-Roehl
  • Inez Bielefeld
  • Chris Horton
  • Everette Anderson
  • Dorothy M. Larson
  • Peter Andrew, Jr.
  • Marie Paul
  • Natalie Tuday
  • Heather Cannon
  • Joyce Alto
  • Charles Fedullo


  • Carol Wren
  • Emily Mayer
  • Alaska Wild Berry Products
  • Carol Sherbick
  • Patrick Lind
  • Todd and Annie Fritze
  • Nicole Scott
  • Ledia Scott
  • Steven Heyano
  • Shawna Newman
  • Carol Maillelle
  • Dillingham City School District
  • Andria Agli
  • Angela Peacock

Quyana Cakneq! Thank you for your continued support and donations which help our students achieve their goals.