PetroCard Partners with City Officials to Test Disaster Preparedness Response

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PetroCard participated in an emergency fueling drill with the City of Tacoma and Tacoma Public Utilities (TPU) last October. The four-hour exercise is a part of an annual drill sponsored by TPU Fleet and City of Tacoma Emergency Management to test mitigation, response, and recovery efforts during an extended power outage and fuel shortage following a catastrophic event in the city. Participants involved with the drill included local fire, police, public works, environmental services, and emergency management officials, as well as representatives from TPU and PetroCard.

The scenario enacted involved the City and public utilities first responder crews’ ability to fuel equipment from PetroCard’s Lawrence Street fueling station, while running on an emergency generator. The station is located adjacent to TPU’s facilities and is their primary fueling location. An after action review of the drill tested the outcome against the emergency action plan to determine areas of improvement for the trio.

“PetroCard has had a long partnership with City of Tacoma. We are excited to be working with them to ensure fuel is available in an emergency situation. This plan will be a model that we replicate with other municipal agencies and emergency responders to support our customers and community,” said Aaron Reding, chief operating officer and senior vice president of fleet services.