BBNC has deep cultural ties to Alaskan fisheries and is excited to return into the Seafood industry with a major investment in the Bering Sea freezer long line cod business. In October 2019, BBNC acquired controlling interests in Clipper Seafoods and Blue North Fisheries, which are being merged into a new Alaska Seafood company. This initial investment will create a new business line for BBNC and returns the control and earnings of the majority of the Bering Sea freezer long line cod fishery to Alaska.

BBNC is excited to initiate its re-entry into the Seafood industry as these operations come together and look forward to a promising future and the opportunity to continue to produce high quality and sustainable Alaska cod, Alaska pollock, Greenland turbot, and Sablefish as well as a wide range of ancillary products and cod by-products.

Holding Company

Bristol Bay Seafood Investments, LLC.

Bristol Bay Seafood Investments, LLC is a wholly-owned company of BBNC that will own and provide business line oversight of current and future Seafood related investments in the Seafood business line.

Bristol Bay Alaska Seafoods, LLC.  Bristol Bay Alaska Seafoods, LLC is an Alaskan fishing company that will own and operate the Bering Sea freezer long line investments, as well as other potential Alaskan investments. The initial acquisition brings together two great companies, Clipper Seafoods and Blue North Fisheries.

Blue North Fisheries

Blue North Fisheries is a hook-and-line freezer longline fishing company that focuses on Humane Harvest and quality and that brings the world’s best frozen-at-sea Alaska cod to market.

Clipper Seafoods

Clipper Seafoods is a hook-and-line freezer longline fishing company providing customers with the highest quality wild Alaska Seafood in the most environmentally responsible manner possible.