Explore Bristol Bay through our maps

There are many ways to understand the lands and waters of Bristol Bay. Mapping reveals overall size, geographic diversity, boundary lines, topographic detail and community information. From the Bering Sea to the Gulf of Alaska, Bristol Bay teems with wildlife, fish runs, and natural resources that support the subsistence lifestyle of its residents. We can visualize much of this information through geographic maps combined with powerful data sets.

GIS and Mapping Services

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) help us view the geography of our region in context with other information, including biological, geological and cultural data. The BBNC Land Department has detailed maps of the Bristol Bay region, with accompanying data pulled in real-time from a variety of federal and state GIS data sets. This allows us to more fully understand BBNC lands and their resources. Since the process of accessing this type of information from agencies can be time-consuming and technical, our staff provides GIS and mapping information to shareholders who have questions about the region. Inquiries typically relate to the ANCSA land status and native allotments, but we can also highlight areas known for fishing and berry picking, as well as traditional place names and their stories.

For detailed, interactive maps of the Bristol Bay region, please visit Bristol Bay Online!


Bristol Bay Region at a Glance

Total area: 40 million acres, including 27.5 million acres of land and 12.5 million acres of marine waters.

Total BBNC land entitlement under ANCSA: 3,079,553 acres of subsurface estate; 116,368 acres of surface estate.

Villages/Communities: 31

Population: 7,400+