Land Development

Farsighted development of our land

BBNC is responsible for three million acres in the Bristol Bay region—much of it beneath the land’s surface. Our connection with the land sustained our ancestors for centuries, and our modern-day practices aim to protect this land so that it can support future generations in Bristol Bay.

BBNC’s Land Department and Board of Directors are guided by the corporation’s Land & Resource Policies—a two-pronged strategy aimed at preserving the value of the land we received through ANCSA and protecting the fish that give our region both sustenance and livelihood. The stand we take on the lands we own, as well as other lands in our region, aligns with the deep-seated values of our shareholders.

We maintain tough standards of fiscal, environmental, and social sustainability when it comes to our land, so we pursue only select development opportunities. From renewable energy and sand and gravel sales to transportation infrastructure, education and training, BBNC has a long history of developing the resources of our land in ways that enrich our shareholders, our economy and our Native way of life.

BBNC’s stand on the proposed Pebble mine

BBNC opposes the proposed Pebble mine project as well as offshore oil and gas leasing in the North Aleutian Basin. Our position is grounded in our Land & Resource Policies and informed by the careful research of potential impacts and thoughtful discussion of our Board of Directors. In a shift from BBNC’s proactively neutral stance of 2006, BBNC’s opposition reflects the Board’s determination that the proposed Pebble mine could have unquantifiable impacts on the natural resources of the Bristol Bay region.

Acting as an effective advocate for our shareholders, BBNC remains engaged in the proposed Pebble mine project permitting process. It’s another way for us to live out our corporation’s mission and values—and continue to pursue responsible development opportunities for the land that nurtures us.