Values & Goals

Enriching Our Native Way of Life

Our heritage is what guides every step of our corporation’s path. BBNC’s mission, vision, and values reflect a deep reverence for the land that has sustained our people for thousands of years—and a commitment to enhance the lives of our shareholders in every way we can.

Our Mission: Enriching our Native way of life.

Our Vision: To responsibly steward the land and waters in the Bristol Bay region, celebrate the legacy of its people, and enhance the lives of BBNC shareholders.

Our Values:

  • Respect the people, land, and natural resources that are the basis for our culture and the Native way of life.
  • Responsibly manage natural resources, prioritizing the cultural and economic value of the Bristol Bay fishery.
  • Responsibly manage financial resources, leading to a continuous source of dividends and benefits for our shareholders.
  • Maintain integrity and fairness in our dealings with all stakeholders.

Long-Term Priorities:

  • Secure and grow the financial strength of BBNC to ensure our long-term viability.
  • Generate sufficient earnings to fund dividends and other shareholder benefits.
  • Develop prudent economic opportunities in the Bristol Bay region through strategic partnerships and leveraging of BBNC resources.
  • Enhance shareholder workforce readiness through support of education, training, and workforce development initiatives.
  • Balance responsible development and protection of our lands, fisheries, and resources.
  • Advance social, cultural, and community initiatives that positively affect shareholders and descendants.