2018 Shareholder of the Year Nominations

During the annual meeting, we will announce the names of three shareholders who will be honored as a BBNC Elder of the Year, BBNC Citizen of the Year, and BBNC Student of the Year. Nominations may be made by individuals or organizations. Nomination forms were mailed to shareholder households in June and are available onine…Read More

Annual Meeting Online

During this year’s election process, BBNC shareholders will again have the opportunity to submit their proxies through BBNC’s Online Voting system, becoming eligible for special online voting cash prizes. With your proxy material, you will receive instructions for using the BBNC Vote website, accessible through Also continuing in 2018, the annual meeting will be…Read More

Shareholder Informational Meetings

BBNC’s Shareholder Informational Meetings are designed to inform shareholders of the corporation’s performance over the past fiscal year and allow them the opportunity to engage with board members and staff.To the left is the list of proposed 2018 informational meeting locations. The time and place of each meeting will be published in the proxy material…Read More

Shareholder Development in Dillingham

BBNC is pleased to welcome our Dillingham-based Workforce Development Specialist, Kristy Peters, to the Shareholder Development team! Kristy is based in Dillingham, AK, and her office is on the first floor of the Choggiung Ltd. Building. Kristy is available to work with shareholders, descendants, and spouses of BBNC shareholders from across Bristol Bay to find…Read More

Shareholders to Vote: ANCSA Settlement Trust & Quorum Reduction

In this year’s proxy materials, you will find detailed information about BBNC’s plans to 1) Create a second ANCSA settlement trust to provide various benefits to BBNC’s shareholders, other Alaska Natives and descendants of Alaska Natives; and 2) Reduce quorum, which is the number of shareholders needed to be present in person or by proxy…Read More

Annual Report & Proxy Materials: What Will You Receive?

BBNC will be mailing an annual meeting packet to every shareholder. Here’s what you can look for in August: 1. Annual Report: This report details the financial activities of the corporation for the 2018 fiscal year, ended March 31, 2018. 2. Notice of Annual Meeting and Proxy Statement: This is an official announcement of the…Read More

2018 BBNC Board Slate Selected

The BBNC Nominating Committee (Karl Hill, Russell S. Nelson and H. Robin Samuelsen Jr.) reviewed all complete BBNC Board of Director applications, conducted interviews and made recommendations for four seats to the full board. Each year, four positions on the BBNC Board of Directors are up for election. This year 20 BBNC shareholders submitted complete…Read More

2018 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

The 2018 Annual Meeting of Shareholders is scheduled for Saturday, October 6, 2018, at 10:00 a.m. at the Dillingham Elementary School in Dillingham, Alaska. All shareholders are encouraged to attend! The meeting will be held for the purpose of electing four Directors to three-year terms ending in 2021, as well as reviewing the corporation’s performance…Read More

Letter from the President, Summer 2018

Bristol Bay’s most vibrant season is here—long days full of light, waters swarming with fish, subsistence traditions and activities alive and well on riverbanks and in villages across our region. As we look ahead to all that summer brings, we reflect on updates for our shareholder community. Our fiscal year came to a close at…Read More