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Download the 2020 Annual Report here

To view an online version of the annual report, click here. The annual report was mailed to shareholders mid-August. If you did not receive a copy of the annual report in the mail, please ensure that your address is current in our records by filling out this form or registering on Returned mail will also affect distributions,…Read More

Annual Report 2019

BBNC’s FY2019 annual report contains a comprehensive review of BBNC’s business activities and financial performance for the fiscal year that ended on March 31, 2019. It also explores the themes of home and place, asking: how do the land, waters, and culture of Bristol Bay shape BBNC’s operations and trajectory? How did a commitment to…Read More

Annual Report 2018

BBNC’s annual report for Fiscal Year 2018 was mailed to our shareholders in August. The theme of this year’s report is Momentum: examples of how BBNC has built and maintained momentum, and the impact that has had on our business, in our region, and in the lives of our shareholders. The report includes information about…Read More

Annual Report 2017

Clarity, courage, culture. Generosity, resilience, and vision. These are attributes shared by some of the most successful businesses. Read about some of the ways BBNC embraces these traits and lives them, day in and day out.

Annual Report 2016

When we venture out into the communities we love, when we step back and take in the region, we’re reminded of the true purpose of our work. When we think about the determination and ingenuity of people in our communities, we see nothing but opportunity and promise. For centuries now, the people of Bristol Bay,…Read More

Annual Report 2015

There’s an old saying — “a rising tide lifts all boats.” Often attributed to President John F. Kennedy, the saying implies that improvements within a community are a benefit to everyone who is part of that community. As we began to reflect back on FY15, this adage came to mind quite often. It seemed to…Read More

Annual Report 2014

When most of us hear the word invest, we think first and foremost of a financial transaction—investing money in order to gain returns. That, of course, is part of any business. But at BBNC, we define investment a bit differently. We think about the commitments we make to our shareholders. We think about our culture, our…Read More

Annual Report 2013

The Bristol Bay region is more than a place on a map. It’s more than water, more than land, more than mountains. It is the place our ancestors chose to call home, knowing that it would always provide for us. It is the place where three cultures, languages, and traditions were born and passed down…Read More

Annual Report 2012

Like the three stages in the Circle of Life of salmon and the three cultures that united under one corporation, Bristol Bay Native Corporation views itself in three epic stages—a long historic past and amazing heritage, our successful venture into the modern corporate world, and the epic journey ahead toward an enduring and promising future…Read More