New BBNC Corporate Donation Process

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Bristol Bay Native Corporation donates to a number of initiatives throughout the year. We focus on programs or events that provide benefit to as many shareholders and descendants as possible, and to those efforts that enhance our Native way of life. BBNC supports four areas:

  • Arts and Culture: the celebration, preservation and protection of Alaska Native culture and traditions
  • Health and Social Services: services or programs that improve the basic welfare concerns for shareholders and families
  • Education, Employment and Training: programs or events that provide employment and training opportunities to shareholders and descendants
  • Sponsorships: the support of an activity or event for the opportunity to promote the BBNC brand

BBNC does not fund:

  • individuals, pageants, or team sponsorships
  • to organizations that discriminate based on race, creed, color, sex or nationality
  • debt

BBNC receives a large number of requests throughout the year and unfortunately cannot fund them all. Beginning April 1, 2016, BBNC will implement updated corporate donation guidelines and processes that will allow BBNC to further measure the impact of its corporate giving to shareholders and the communities in which they reside. Information will soon be available on BBNC’s website or you may call the SCR department at 1-800-426-3602 for more information on the corporation donation process.