Letter from the President, Winter 2018

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Winter is nearly upon us, and here at the BBNC corporate office we are deep into meeting season. We recently returned from our annual compliance conference, which gives us the opportunity to meet face-to-face with leaders from our subsidiaries across states and sectors. We discuss the unique complexities of doing business as an Alaska Native Corporation, dive into key issues and training, and strengthen our collective dedication to BBNC’s mission and values. I am consistently impressed with the people I meet and the conversations we have at compliance, and always head home feeling focused and energized.

This month, the meetings continue. Our leadership team will soon report BBNC’s fiscal year progress to-date to the board of directors, and adjust our planning as needed to close the year strong. I am pleased to report that what the board will hear is good news: as we met the six-month mark of FY2019 at the end of September, we were—and remain—on track to meet our fiscal goals for the year. On the heels of our most profitable year ever in company history from a budgeting perspective, maintaining that velocity has been no small feat.

We have, once again, seen fish at the heart of our discourse as a region this year—just as it should be. Your voices have been clear and strong, and it has been our privilege to listen. We count ourselves lucky to live in a place that inspires so much passion and action. BBNC has always taken an inclusive and balanced approach when it comes to our fisheries and fish habitats, to responsible development and to our land and water, and we will keep doing so in the years to come. Simply put, we are fish first, but not fish only. We will always be a tireless steward of Bristol Bay and advocate on behalf of our land, resources, and our people. This is our commitment.

Our people— the BBNC shareholders whose lives we aim to enhance—have continued to stand tall with courage and conviction in 2018. Our feature story is a powerful example of that. The work that Amber Webb is doing to bring attention to the plight of missing or murdered Native women is deeply important, and I know it will resonate across our region. While there is still much to be done to protect others from enduring what too many already have, Amber’s art is sparking a conversation that needs to happen. In doing so, she is offering affected families in our communities an opportunity for solace and healing. We are grateful for that, and for the care and cultural reverence that she has shown.

Due to the earthquake on November 30, BBNC cancelled the annual Bristol Bay Leadership Forum and Christmas party. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and are disappointed to miss the opportunity to gather this holiday season, but employee and shareholder safety is a priority.

As we look to the new year, I feel optimistic—because of people like Amber making a difference, our hard-working employees and high-performing companies, and the opportunities ahead for BBNC. Both in and outside of Alaska, in familiar sectors and new ones, we are already seeing exciting and diverse paths to growth on the horizon. We will pursue those with the same initiative and focus that has defined us from the start, and with the same innovative spirit at the heart of our Native way of life.
I wish you a safe and joyful holiday season, and a new year full of connection and community.

With thanks as always for your support,
Jason Metrokin