Letter from the President, Winter 2017

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It’s hard to believe we’re approaching the close of another year and looking ahead to what 2018 has in store. The arrival of a new year is a time for reflection. At BBNC, we like to take pause and think about how we’re doing as a corporation. Are we doing right by our shareholders, employees, and subsidiaries? What might we do better? How can we challenge ourselves to be the most responsible, sustainable, and profitable business we can be?

We just returned from Nashville, home to this year’s annual compliance training. Many of you might not know that BBNC requires leadership from our corporate home in Anchorage and from every one of our subsidiaries— including managers, senior managers, executives, and our board—to attend this conference. We do this because of the complex nature of our corporation, because of the intricacies of being a federal contractor, and because of the diversity of the sectors in which we do business. A company like ours needs to stay ahead of the curve from a regulatory perspective to make sure we’re operating ethically, consistently, and viably.

The conference is as comprehensive as we are complex. We cover a staggering array of topics. Our leadership team attends sessions running the gamut from sensitive issues, like harassment and discrimination avoidance, mitigating corrupt foreign practices, and elevating cybersecurity awareness to day-to-day operational programs, like how to best manage time-keeping and best address IT issues. We examine the intricate legality of doing business in disparate parts of the world. We cover safety standards and the latest federal acquisition rules. We walk away with a depth of understanding on a range of issues and with the most recent best practices for how to run a top-tier business.

We strive to make the conference relevant for every one of BBNC’s companies. Whether you’re from the oil and gas sector, construction, tourism, or from our corporate HQ, we make sure everyone walks away with relevant, useful information that can be easily operationalized. We also invite other ANC regions and our villages to attend, because hardly anyone in the ANC community is doing anything like this, and it’s an opportunity for us to share a wealth of knowledge. And we encourage attendees to share in celebrating our culture. During this year’s compliance, in honor of Alaska Native Heritage Month, BBNC staff and board members performed Yup’ik dances and taught attendees the “Igloo” dance before training started.

Doing this on an annual basis is key because the rules are forever changing. This conference keeps BBNC’s leadership fluent in the regulatory complexities of doing business in today’s world, even as the sands shift beneath our feet. We hear time and time again from our guest speakers that many companies out there don’t regularly participate in this sort of training and then find themselves falling behind or maybe even in hot water from a regulatory perspective—all because of what they don’t know. And we hear from people working in the federal government and the legal profession that it’s not just that we opt to do this, but that we’re doing it really well. We’re at the tip of the spear, setting a new standard for what comprehensive compliance training should look like. That’s something we take pretty seriously.

All of this is part of our commitment to strive for excellence in everything we do. And as we approach the holidays, I want to call out something else that we take very seriously—understanding the needs, concerns, and aspirations of our shareholder base and the communities in which you live. It’s why we invest in programs that benefit our elders and our youth. It’s why we contribute to domestic violence shelters, substance abuse treatment centers, and homeless shelters. It’s why we promote cultural education for our young people and help to protect and enhance our fisheries. These programs and initiatives directly address some of the social challenges our communities face, and they help bolster our culture and economy. We do much of what we do because it’s the right thing to do on behalf of our people. And we look forward to standing by you in the coming new year.

We all celebrate the holidays in our own way. I hope however you celebrate, the season brings you peace and happiness. Thanks as always for your support.

– Jason Metrokin