Letter from the President

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BBNC President and CEO Jason Metrokin loading COVID-19 supplies to communities

Everyone’s saying it—in these uncertain times. It’s become the mantra of this crisis. And there’s no doubt that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has upended life as we knew it, here in Alaska and across the globe. As we look towards the summer in Bristol Bay, we’re typically awaiting the longest days of the year. We’re gearing up for fishing, a mainstay of our culture and a cornerstone of the region’s economy. As the uncertainty of COVID-19 continues to cloud the beginning of our Alaska summer, it’s hard not to wonder when we’ll get back to some version of life as we knew it.

The times may be uncertain, but BBNC will continue to look for ways to support and sustain our shareholders, region and communities. The people of Bristol Bay are defined by resilience, conviction and courage. These traits also guide BBNC as we work our way through uncertainty. In the pages ahead, you’ll read about BBNC’s efforts to not just get through, but to get beyond, COVID-19—so that, when it’s safe, we can find our new normal.

The days will still get longer. The salmon will still return. And we will persevere. For centuries, the people of Bristol Bay have looked adversity in the eye and resolved to keep facing forward, adapting to change and embracing opportunity. BBNC carries this same spirit forward in everything we do. And we’ll continue to innovate as we navigate through this together, our eyes fixed on the better days ahead.

Stay healthy. Be well. Support each other. And continue to have hope.

Jason Metrokin
President & CEO