Letter from the President

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Fall is right around the corner, and with the change of seasons we see age-old traditions return to Bristol Bay, and new opportunities for connection and action come into focus.

On behalf of BBNC, I’d like to recognize everyone impacted by the recent wildfires near Levelock, Port Heiden, Naknek/King Salmon, and the water shortage in Chignik Lagoon. Multiple volunteers and organizations, including BBNC, worked with community members to provide support and donations of emergency response items and basic essentials such as food and water. We continue to stand ready to further assist as needed.

As you read this, BBNC leadership will be in Washington, D.C. for our third-annual Bristol Bay Wild Salmon Celebration. This important event allows us to educate policy makers and others on how critical salmon is to our region, to all of Alaska, and beyond. We will also be participating in the first-ever “Bristol Bay Restaurant Week” presented
by Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association, where D.C. area restaurants will offer cuisine from our region. Both will be valuable opportunities to share our Fish First philosophy.

BBNC’s annual shareholder meeting is on October 5, and we look forward to creating a space for friends, families, and community members to gather, hear from us, and participate in BBNC’s annual meeting process. Participation and attendance have been strong in recent years, both in person and online, and we’d like to see that trend continue.

During the meeting, we’ll be honoring shareholders of the year, giving away prizes, and providing updates on key issues, new aquisitions, and our growth strategy. As much as we enjoy sharing BBNC’s story, hearing from you is what’s most important and will help make us a better corporation.

Following our meeting, we gear up for our annual compliance training, now called “Leadership and Compliance” to reflect a stronger- than-ever emphasis on the leadership aspect of the conference. It is critical for BBNC and its subsidiaries to not only understand and adhere to the complex and ever-shifting regulatory standards we face in business, but to lead our teams through them with integrity, safety, and consistency.We are proud to be the only ANC to offer this robust training, and to continue to evolve it to meet the needs of our leaders, companies, and the industries we operate in.

In our fall newsletter, we feature Peter Lind Jr., the artist and BBNC shareholder who many of you are familiar with. Peter comes from a legacy of well-respected artists and cultural bearers, and it is a privilege to walk by his art every day here at BBNC headquarters; he and other shareholder artists have shined a light on cultural tools and traditions that were at serious risk of being lost. His work is a great example of how we can appreciate and preserve our culture. As we head out this fall to hunt moose, pick and preserve berries, or enjoy the crisp mornings and cool evenings that Bristol Bay has to offer, I hope that each of you finds your own unique way, big or small, to enjoy and sustain our Native way of life.

With thanks as always for your support,

Jason Metrokin
President & CEO