Letter from the BBNC Education Foundation Executive Director

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Do you know a student who’s currently enrolled in college, university or short-term training program?

BBNC Education Foundation has continued with our popular Facebook series “Ask Angela.” Angela is tackling lots of great issues that students face, including how many families can support them while they are enrolled.

The first year can be a tough time of transition, and students can experience some common challenges around time management, new academic demands, making friends, and being independent and responsible for balancing work, social, life, sleep, and their budget!

There are great ways that families can provide support:

  • Help your student stay connected to activities at home. Acknowledge that students might be sad to miss things like subsistence activities, birthdays, holidays, community and other important events.
  • Reassure students that they can succeed in their new environment. Talk about study skills, time management tips, and what resources are available on campus.
  • Send care packages with notes from home, food and other treats!
  • Connect with students and ask questions. Here are some ideas:
    • How are you preparing for finals?
    • What do you like about your classes?
    • Have you decided what you’ll do for your holiday break?
    • Are you thinking about joining any clubs or groups this year – which ones?
    • Have you met with any of your professors or instructors?

As we all know, a bit of encouragement can go a long ways when it comes from student success. Do you have ideas for the BBNC Education Foundation? You can always reach me at (907) 265-7875 or

Aleesha Towns-Bain