Letter From The BBNCEF Executive Director

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First, students, we are so proud of you. We know that these months have been difficult as you have weathered the storm of COVID-19 and all the unpredictability that goes along with it. Thank you for reaching out to us. We have heard your stories of balancing family obligations, work and school—and it hasn’t been easy. We know you’ve had to make some tough choices, and we know you made the right call. While we don’t know what the coming months will bring us, BBNCEF will be here to support students.

As hard as it may be to not be able to close out school years without some of the celebrations that we are used to, we want to celebrate your achievements! Don’t forget to email us at to let us know if you are graduating, and send photos. We will include these in social media posts and newsletter celebrations. Don’t forget to celebrate yourself too! We’ve loved hearing stories of Zoom party graduations, social distance proms, and future graduation parties. The ideas, like your future, are limitless.

Aleesha Towns-Bain