Shareholder Resources

Sections 7(i) and 7(j) of ANCSA

Section 7(i) of ANCSA requires that each regional corporation annually share 70% of all revenues received from its ANCSA timber resources and subsurface estate between all 12 of the regional corporations. The percentage of these revenues each regional corporation receives is determined based on its number of original enrolled shareholders.

Section 7(j) of ANCSA requires each regional corporation to distribute 50% of the 7(i) revenue it receives to the village corporations in its region and at-large shareholders. These are called 7(j) distributions. BBNC typically sends a 7(j) distribution to the village corporations and at-large shareholders in April or May.

At-large shareholders are shareholders who did not enroll in one of BBNC’s village corporations in the region at the time of enrollment. These shares were generally issued to people who were living outside the region but whose family was originally from the region.