Shareholder Relations


Fulfilling your role as a BBNC shareholder

As a BBNC shareholder, you’re a part owner of this corporation. With the passage of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971, each eligible Alaska Native individual with ties to the Bristol Bay region received 100 shares of stock in the newly formed regional or village corporation to which they now belonged. Today, the over 10,000 shareholders of BBNC not only own stock in the corporation; they also share the benefits and responsibilities that come with ownership of a successful Alaska Native Corporation.


The first responsibility of every shareholder is to keep your records updated. It may seem inconsequential, but without current records, you may not receive what’s meant for you as a shareholder—distributions, tax information, and news and updates from BBNC. Take a moment to make sure your name, address, direct deposit information, and stock will are all up-to-date by contacting BBNC Shareholder Records today.


Collectively, you are responsible for ensuring the long-term strength of the corporation by electing BBNC’s Board of Directors—the body that advises and leads the corporation as well as setting the policies that help BBNC fulfill our mission and goals.

No matter how many shares you hold, your opinion counts when it comes to the decisions BBNC makes and the leaders we entrust. While some believe their vote doesn’t matter, the opposite is true: many elections are decided by just a few votes. Shareholders can vote in person at the annual meeting or by a proxy vote.