Shareholder Development

Dedicated to our shareholders’ wellbeing

At BBNC, we convert our success into benefits to our shareholders: Since our inception in 1972, we’ve paid more than $180 million in shareholder distributions. But our commitment to enhance the lives of our shareholders is more than financial. Through a range of employment, education and training opportunities, BBNC’s Shareholder Development Department works to encourage personal and professional growth and success within our shareholder community.

BBNC offers a spectrum of opportunities for our shareholders:

  • Career exploration resources and opportunities
  • Job search and employment placement assistance
  • Resources and planning assistance for higher education and vocational training
  • Career advancement planning
  • Leadership development & management training programs
  • Job-shadow, on-the-job training, and internship placement assistance
  • Work readiness assistance with resume writing, interview skills and life skills
  • Targeted industry training


Important Resources

Resume Worksheet

BBNC’s Shareholder Development Department is available to assist shareholders, descendants and spouses with developing their resumes. Contact Shareholder Development at (907) 278-3602 for any questions about the worksheet.

Shareholder Development Brochure

BBNC Shareholder Development provides an array of services to promote employment and education opportunities for BBNC shareholders, shareholder spouses and descendants. Learn more about shareholder development services with this brochure.