Edmund Luciano: A Rising Star in the Field of Industrial Integrity Management

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Edmund Luciano, Kakivik Asset Management

A new, up-and-comer in the BBI family of companies is Edmund Luciano. He came to Kakivik Asset Management in February of this year and within a short period of time has impressed his peers, supervisors, and management with his diligent work ethic and eagerness to learn the art of radiography as a trainee in Kuparuk.

For the past year, Kakivik has actively sought to recruit, retain, and develop a talent pool of shareholders that align with Kakivik’s core values of “Safety, Integrity, and Trust”. Edmund possesses all these traits and has proven himself to be a dependable, flexible, and reliable employee. Kakivik is proud to have him and we look forward to seeing his continued growth within the organization.