2021 Descendant Enrollment Survey Prize Winners

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On October 19, 2021, Dittman Research randomly selected the winners for the 2021 BBNC Descendant Enrollment Survey prize drawings. All shareholders who completed their survey online were also included in a second prize drawing for online respondents only. Shareholders who have a custodian were included in the prize drawing if their custodian completed their own survey.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all shareholders who participated in the survey and shared your valuable feedback on the important topic of descendant enrollment!

Prizes will be mailed on October 29, 2021.

Prize winners are:
$2,000: Olaf T. Hansen III
$1,000: Charles B. Wassily
$500: Tiffany R. Bennett
$500: Anishia J. Elbie
$500: Jody M. Thorson
$500: Ciara J. Konukpeok
$500: Sena R. Chase
$250: Gabriella M. Andrew
$250: Dora Shangin
$250: Cora M. Nudlash
$250: Diedra C. Havard
25,000 Alaska Airline Miles: Jordan R. Heyano

Online prize winners are:
$3,000: Ty W. DeSoto
$2,000: Michelle T. Cummings
$500: Marcus W. Delkittie
$500: Cheyenne S. Roehl
$500: Heather Hutchins
$500: Kimberly U. Oliveri
$500: Jonathan E. Salmon
$250: Erin L. Roehl
$250: Mary J. Pepper
$250: Wassie W. Nickoli
$250: Serena C. Aikins-McArthur
25,000 Alaska Airline Miles: Stephanie M. Bennett