Create/Update Your Stock Will and Enter to Win up to $500 EVERY QUARTER

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Did you know that by having a stock will on file, YOU choose where you want your shares to go instead of the state deciding? You’ll also be entered to win up to $500 every quarter if it’s been updated within the last five years!

And, you’ll also be entered to win quarterly cash prizes by having direct deposit on file. The next deadline to win is August 8! Easily update your direct deposit and ensure you have a stock will on file that’s been updated within the last five years by logging into your myBBNC account at

If you have any questions or need to create or update your stock will, contact Shareholder Services at or
(907) 278-3602.

Summer Direct Deposit Winners:
$500 – Ruth C. Finch
$250 – Leroy J. Wallona
$250 – John E. Matson
$250 – Teresa L. Hutchinson
$250 – Nicholas C. Wilson
$100 – Amanda D. Hobson
$100 – Nicholas B. Reilly
$100 – Contessa M. Berlin
$100 – Billy J. Etuckmelra Jr.
$100 – Kim P. Fox

Summer Stock Will Winners:
$500 – Michael N. Nixon
$250 – Jacqueline I. Jones
$250 – Agafia L. Merculief
$250 – Janice O. Chukwak
$250 – Lawrence J. Achayok
$100 – Tatiana Petrie
$100 – Esther D. Togiak
$100 – Verna L. Nanalook-Adams
$100 – Paul J. Hansen
$100 – Margie Macauly-Waite