Corrosion and Inspection Team Reaches One Year Safety Record at Alpine

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Kakivik’s corrosion and inspection team at Alpine recently achieved 12 consecutive months without a recordable incident. This achievement would not be possible without the 16 employees who actively participate in a safety culture that is focused on safe work practices. Other tools that factored into their success include pre-job planning, equipment, and periodic audits.

Pre-job planning involves the Kakivik team diligently planning and communicating their work prior to work execution, as well as utilizing the tools and policies that the client has in place. Equipment is ensures safety. Kakivik and the client both provide whatever tools are necessary to perform the scope. Lastly, audits conduct by both Kakivik and the client bring further reassurance that tasks are performed in the correct manner. The combined safety audits for 2018 were 14 percent higher than the year prior.

Kakivik’s success in safeguarding its employees is due to many factors, but not least of which is the demonstrated behavior that safety is everyone’s responsibility.