Coping with COVID-19

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BBNC’s subsidiary STS Solutions and Training, LLC provides approximately 140 Health Promotion Technicians and Health Educators to a variety of Army Wellness Centers around the world. Below is information excerpted from a flyer that Ft. Carson Army Wellness Center in Colorado published and delivered to promote positivity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information on ways to stay on track during this time of uncertainty, visit BBNC’s COVID-19 Response website at

Self care practices:

  • Develop new boundaries to balance work and home responsibilities
  • Carve out a few minutes to focus on self
  • Maintain as much routine and consistency as possible
  • Create a goal or develop a skill to help you cope with free time
  • Find time to exercise, stretch, or walk each day
  • Create a gratitude list

Be mindful of how you’re coping:

  • Spending too much time in bed when not asleep
  • Stress/boredom eating
  • Unnecessary online shopping
  • How much time you’re spending on social media, TV, Netflix, etc.
  • Excess use of alcohol, nicotine, etc.
  • Frequent mood swings

Controllable Factors:

  • Developing a new routine
  • Keeping safe by adhering current guidelines
  • Practicing self-care
  • Creating new boundaries for home and work responsibilities
  • Staying connected with loved ones

Non-controllable factors:

  • Length of pandemic outbreak
  • Travel ban restrictions
  • Amount of time we are forced to telework
  • Change in job status
  • How long kids will be home