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Alaska Native Veteran Allotment Act

In the fall of 2020, Alaska Native veterans who served in the Vietnam war (any service between August 5, 1964 and December 31, 1971) who did not receive a Native Allotment will be eligible to apply for allotments (2.5-160 acres) under new legislation passed by Congress. The heirs of deceased Alaska Native veterans will also…Read More

Recipe Corner: Salted Fish Heads

Ingredients: Salmon fish heads (King or red salmon) Rock salt Cold water Large bucket Instructions: 1. Thoroughly clean and cut the fish heads – remove the gills. 2. Cut fish heads in half, washing thoroughly to remove all the blood and let soak in cold freshwater for one hour. 3. Layer the bottom of the…Read More

Short-Term Vocational Education Scholarship Program

BBNCEF makes awards for the Short-term Vocational Education Program (STVE) throughout the year. Are you considering an application? STVE scholarships up to a maximum of $1,000 are awarded to shareholders for short-term vocational/ certification training programs that enhances opportunities for employment or promotion. For complete program eligibility requirements and application, visit Applications may also…Read More

Under the Surface: Development of In-Region Gravel and Rock Resources

Good quality rock, gravel and sand are essential for the proper construction of airports, roads, building pads, landfills, bridges and embankments. BBNC, in conjunction with village corporation surface owners, developed these resources as part of its commitment to use its ANCSA lands for the benefit of shareholders. Snake Lake Quarry, just 17 miles northwest of…Read More

Indigenous Language Institute Symposium

Atkiq (Michelle Snyder) and Mall’u (Francisca Demoski) attended the 10th Annual Indigenous Language Institute Symposium (ILI) in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The conference showcased second language learners who dedicate themselves to achieving speaking proficiency and eventual fluency in their Native languages. ILI invited learners to share what motivated them to learn their heritage language, and…Read More

Alaska Counts 2020 Census

Beginning in January 2020, the Census Bureau will begin inviting Alaskans in villages and rural Alaska communities to respond to the census. This once-a-decade population count is used as the basis for distributing more than $800 billion in federal funds annually to states, boroughs, and communities to support resources such as schools, hospitals, roads, fire…Read More

Sharing Native Culture Through Art

Artist and BBNC shareholder Peter Lind Jr. understands the power that art has to educate and influence younger generations. As a boy, he watched his father create pieces rooted in Native culture—an experience that inspired him to forge his own artistic path. Peter was born in Dillingham, grew up in Pilot Point and Naknek, and…Read More

Native American Entrepreneurial Empowerment Workshop participants

Native American Entrepreneurial Empowerment Workshop Sets BBNC Shareholders Up for Small Business Success

A group of shareholders hoping to start their own businesses are one step closer to bringing their dreams of entrepreneurship to fruition, thanks to a workshop recently offered by BBNC and the Bristol Bay Development Fund (BBDF). The Native American Entrepreneurial Empowerment Workshop was held April 16th and 17th at BBNC’s corporate office in Anchorage….Read More

2019 Shareholder Of The Year Nomination Deadline

BBNC is accepting nominations for BBNC’s 2019 Shareholder of the Year awards. The nomination deadline is July 26, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. Please use the following criteria to nominate an elder, citizen, and/or student that are deserving of these most prestigious honors. Nominations may be made by individuals or organizations. BBNC Elder of the Year…Read More