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Scholarship Program Updates

WELLS FARGO CONTINUES ITS INVESTMENT For more than 20 years, Wells Fargo has invested in Bristol Bay students who are interested in pursuing careers in the banking profession. The partnership continued this year with a grant of $2,500 to BBNCEF. Students honored with this award were: Jason Chocknok Tatiana Petticrew Sarah Schroeder Tyler Seybert Emma…Read More

Cultural Heritage Awards

The BBNC Education Foundation Board of Directors are pleased to announce four Cultural Heritage and Place Name Grant Awards for the third quarter of 2018, totaling $20,000 in new grants: Bristol Bay Heritage Land Trust— Model History: Conveying the Story of Cannery People from the Local Perspective—Supports the NN Cannery History Project by working with…Read More

Scholarship Program

BBNCEF MAKES AWARDS FOR THE SHORT-TERM VOCATIONAL EDUCATION PROGRAM (STVE) THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. Congratulations to the 2018 STVE Scholarship Awardees from mid-May to mid-August: Adam Anderson, Dakota Anderson, Christopher Apokedak, Carla Nanok, Toni Christensen, Beverly Cloud, DaJonee Hale, Charity Irmen, Daniel Johansen II, Andrew Lind Sr., Larry Murphy, Preston Nanalook, Kyle Nelson, Fiona O’Carroll, Christopher…Read More

Letter from the BBNC Education Foundation Executive Director

Cama’i, It’s our favorite time of year! We look forward to meeting with BBNC shareholders and students as we visit communities for informational meetings and the annual meeting. It’s an excellent opportunity to connect on the programs available through the BBNCEF. We’re also happy to announce the addition of two new board members. Rayn Aaberg is…Read More

BBNCEF Fall Fundraising 2018

Once again, BBNCEF will host its annual fall raffle drawing. Last year, we raised close to $20,000 through this community effort. Tickets will be on sale at the BBNC informational meetings, as well as through community volunteers. Winners will be drawn at the BBNC Annual Shareholders meeting on October 6 in Dillingham. Stay tuned for…Read More

Grantee Spotlight

The Newhalen Tribal Council connected their youth with their Elders to share traditions and culture that have been passed down for generations. Children and teens in the village were taught how to fish, use fishing nets, smoke and can their catch and how to turn their berry picking finds into homemade jam! The 2017 summer…Read More

Short-Term Vocational Education Scholarship Program

BBNCEF makes awards for the Short-term Vocational Education Program (STVE) throughout the year. Congratulations to STVE scholarship awardees from mid-November 2017-mid- May 2018: Trevor O’Hara, Joshua Seidl, Wade Church, Joseph Tiede, Cassidy Balluta, Adrianne Christensen, Caleb Smith, Blinn Dull Jr., Raini Thorson, Darren Aspelund, Ingrid Ramos-Ansaknok, Peter Frost, Cameron Poindexter, Michael Kohler, Brian Apokedak Jr.,…Read More

Student Spotlight

Congratulations to Joshua Gumlickpuk! He graduated May 6 from University of Alaska Anchorage. He is now the proud owner of a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education with a Minor in Mathematics. After a well-deserved celebration in Hawaii, Josh is now spending the summer in Dillingham with his dad. The two have a long-standing tradition…Read More

Letter from the BBNC Education Foundation Executive Director

Camai, Congratulations to the class of 2018! On behalf of BBNC Education Foundation, I congratulate each scholar for their awesome achievement, and thank the many caring adults, teachers, families and communities that contributed to the success of these students. It is wonderful to witness the culmination of perseverance, hard work, and joy. We’re also excited…Read More

Get Social with BBNCEF

If you need some encouragement andinspiration, we have two new campaigns that we recently launched: Watch “Ask Angela” on our Facebook page! In this video series, Program Manager Angela Peacock provides advice and feedback to students who are currently in school or thinking about enrolling. We’re also Instagram! Every month, we host a “Student Takeover”…Read More