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Short-term Vocational Education Scholarship Program

BBNCEF makes awards for the Short- term Vocational Education Program (STVE) throughout the year. Congratulations to STVE Scholarship Awardees mid-August to mid- November: Robert Nanalook, Jr., Robert Philips, Martha Anelon, Elisabeth Fischer, Shiann Nanalook, Marina Shangin, Thomas Tinker Jr., Jordan Fischer, Mark Carty, William Young, Jada Nukwak, Matlua Christensen, Antoinette Gregorio, Christopher Kalmakoff, Nicole Luke,…Read More

Attention Students and Potential Applicants

If you received a 2017-18 Higher Education/Vocational Education (HE/VE) Scholarship, please remember to order your official paper transcripts and have them sent to the BBNCEF office at 111 West 16th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501 as soon as your fall/winter grades are posted. This will help expedite the spring disbursements and help minimize the possibility of…Read More

Season of Giving Winter 2017

Cama’i, It’s the season of giving and gratitude and we have much to celebrate at the BBNC Education Foundation. In November, the BBNC Education Foundation board of directors, partners, and donors gathered to express our thanks to Education Foundation Board Member Jerry “Callmak” Liboff, who retired after 26 years of service on the Board. Jerry…Read More

Letter from the President, Winter 2017

It’s hard to believe we’re approaching the close of another year and looking ahead to what 2018 has in store. The arrival of a new year is a time for reflection. At BBNC, we like to take pause and think about how we’re doing as a corporation. Are we doing right by our shareholders, employees,…Read More

Quyana Corner Spring 2017

As we look forward to 2017-18 HE/VE scholarship application submissions, thank you to those who participated in the Education Foundation split-the-pot raffle at the Bristol Bay Leadership Forum and the BBNC Christmas Party heads-and-tails game. We are also thankful to the individual donations made to the Foundation. Your generous gifts make it possible for BBNC…Read More

Cultural Heritage And Native Place Names Grant Program Application Period Is Now Closed

The 2017 Cultural Heritage and Native Place Names Grant program deadline has passed. Thank you to those who have submitted applications. The BBNCEF board met to review the applications and make their selections. All applicants have been notified. The purpose of this program is to provide mini-grants to eligible non-profit organizations for Bristol Bay community…Read More


Congratulations to Trevor O’Hara, Ana Maree Monroe, Casey Kalmakoff, Benny Davidson, Thomas Tinker Jr., Deon Lopez, Chasity Anelon, Maria Anelon, Mitchell Lind, John Kruschke Jr., Jeweline Lakshas, David Forbes, Nils Gronn, Sally Paul, Elia Lind, Brian Apokedak Jr., Brian Apokedak Sr., Jason Chocknok, Dennis Shangin, Sandi Echuk, Carol Luckhurst, Ivy O’Guinn, Angeline Ebnet, Michiko Fajen,…Read More

Short-Term Vocational Education (STVE) Scholarship Program

The BBNCEF accepts applications for the Short-term Vocational Education (STVE) program throughout the year, pending available funds. Scholarship awards are based on eligibility criteria and budget approved by the BBNCEF Board. Scholarship awards may be up to $1,000 for short-term vocational training programs. To be eligible for this funding, you must be a BBNC shareholder…Read More